Road to 3Gib!!

What's that?

I'm working on a CTF-like challenge for which I need to generate a database filled with random passwords and their corresponding argon2id hash.
Because argon2 is specifically made to take a long time to compute, my computers couldn't reach this goal in a reasonable amount of time. This website is was a call for help.

You're cracking a database right?


I know it sounds shady, but I do not need any specific password or salt, which this project generates randomly (see here, here and there), which would make the computed hashes way too random to be any useful as a real-world password cracking database.

How do I help?

We reached the 3 Gib milestone on august 18th 2023. To this day, I do not need any more hashes. This project and the data are now in the public domain, so anyone can experiment with it. To compute your own records, follow the instructions below:

Clone the repository, and start crushing hashes! (timeout at your discretion)

git clone git://
timeout 3h make -C hashcrush